Погарская Фабрика

Torres cigars

“Torres” in Spanish means “Towers” – an indispensable attribute of coastal fortifications and fortresses from the walls of which they not only repulsed enemy attacks, protecting the homeland from invaders, but also saw off to discover new lands. Also, peering into the ocean distance, they were waiting for caravels of brave winners of the ocean elements.

From the fortress towers of Palos de la Frontera on the 3rd of August,1492, the garrison looked after the fading sails of the Santa Maria, Niña and Pinta for a long time. The first expedition of the future Admiral of the world Ocean – Don Christopher Columbus, who entered world history as the discoverer of America. First of all, returning to Europe from his travels, Admiral Columbus looked for familiar silhouettes of lighthouse towers and port fortresses through the telescope. Torres cigars are the magic of the Spanish soul with a passion for risky journeys, overcoming obstacles and necessarily a victorious return to the roots with an inner feeling of the achieved dream. Torres cigars are made in the traditional light Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade Grown cigar covering leaf for Spain and have a balanced aromatic strength thanks to the Nicaraguan binding leaf Jalapa Seca Grande, as well as the filling tobacco Nicaragua seca, viso, ligero from the regions of Jalapa, Estelli. Torres cigars are perfectly combined with traditional Spanish brandy.