Погарская Фабрика


The origins of the production of cigars and cigarillos at the Pogar Factory date back to the distant nineteenth century. The skill of cigar rollers is passed down from generation to generation, enriched with new knowledge and preserving centuries-old traditions. Drawing on the experience of generations, we are able to produce any cigar, from premium cigars to machine-made and flavored cigars. In the manufacture of cigars, we use the best varieties of tobacco from around the world, and therefore our specialists are in constant search of the best raw materials. The secret of the success of our cigars lies not only in the quality of the raw materials used, but also in the unique tobacco processing technologies that we possess. We use only selected tobacco raw materials and the best packaging with increased barrier properties, which guarantees the quality of the product on the way from the manufacturer to the consumer. Our assortment includes both classic products made using the hecho a mano method and machine-made cigarillos.