Погарская Фабрика

Stevenson No.21 – Red Cavendish

Tobacco made by the method of anaerobic superfermentation is a soft and spicy one. It has a rich aroma, sweet taste with a light sourness.




Red Cavendish (Burley (Brazil, Malawi), Virginia (Zimbabwe, India (Mysore))

Flavor saturation

Medium to strong


Mild to medium

Aroma notes

Light, smoky, dry taste with a slight sweetness and sourness, notes of pepper and dried fruits.


Loose cut


It is recommended to use it to compensate or remove protein bitterness and correct excess sugars, to give softness and density to the aroma of smoke when smoking. The strength is medium. It designed for individual blending. It can be the basis of a tobacco blend with a light strength, but with a dense and fragrant smoke, which is pleasant to others.


Jar 40 gr

Master case

18 packages