Погарская Фабрика

Папиросы Bogatyrs with cigar tobacco

Bogatyr papirosas have the cigar tobacco additives. They possess a rich taste of natural tobacco with a typical cigar taste and aroma.

These papirosas are made from a mixture of first-class selections of cigar raw materials from various regions of the world, including raw materials with additional types of special aging and fermentation, made in honor of the famous heroes who called themselves “Russian bogatyrs”. As a hundred years ago, the best cigar tobacco from Cuba, Nicaragua, Brazil, Guatemala and the USA were selected for the papirosas. Since 2018, the development and testing of new premium papirosas with the addition of cigar tobacco selections has been carried out. Cigar clubs of the cities of Chelyabinsk, St. Petersburg, Saratov and Novosibirsk took part in it. As a result of intensive work, the papirosas received the highest ratings of professional afficionados. In connection with the feedback received, it was decided to launch the production of papirosas “Bogatyrs with cigarette tobacco”. Thus, the Bogatyr papirosas are the result of the collective work of the PCCF and its consumers.




Blend of tobaccos from Cuba, Nicaragua, Brazil, Guatemala, USA


The aroma of natural tobacco with bright classic cigar notes


Medium to strong


105 mm


17 papirosas in a tin cigarette case

Master case

120 packages