Погарская Фабрика

Cigarette tubes Old Craft

The Old Craft cigarette tubes don`t have any adhesive joint of the seams, so there are no pyrolysis products of synthetic or natural adhesives in the smoke. The flimsy paper in the Old Craft tubes is completely identical in the amount of cellulose to tobacco raw materials. Unlike the rolling paper, it does not contain CaCO3 (chalk), which is used for bleaching, increasing brightness and hiding power. Moreover it does not contain citrate additives (citric acid salts) to enhance flammability, does not contain phosphate additives to improve the shape of ash, does not contain MgO additives (burnt magnesia, magnesium oxide) to reduce the level of resins in the side-stream smoke. Papirosa paper, unlike cigarette paper, does not have any permeability. Therefore, the cigarettes temperature of smoldering and burning is higher than the temperature of smoldering cigarettes, which ensures the maximum number of recombinations of chemical elements during pyrolysis process.




100 cigarette tubes in a pack


4 packages

Master case

48 packages